20 Jan 2024

Do I need a primer? How & when to use it...

Do I need a primer? How & when to use it...

A primer or undercoat is sometimes forgotten. Completely unjustified, because a good base coat is essential. But what exactly is the function of a primer? When should you use it? And what is a quality primer? We are happy to show you around.

What’s the function of a primer?

A primer or base coat is a special paint that contains an extra amount of binding agent. That binding agent – the name says it all – works like a kind of glue between the substrate and the finishing layers. A primer therefore provides adhesion, but it also isolates stains and neutralizes absorption differences in the surface. This way you are guaranteed a beautiful, even end result.

When should I use a primer?

If you want to paint something that has never been coated with paint before – new plaster, new wood or untreated metal, for example – you should always start with a base coat or primer. Starting with a primer is also a good idea on old layers of paint in poor condition and on dark or bright colours.

If you start from a surface in good condition that has already been painted, then in principle you do not need to use a primer. In that case, it is sufficient to thoroughly degrease the surface you want to paint with water and a dash of ammonia, and lightly sand it with some sanding paper. Then dust thoroughly and you are ready to finish with two coats of paint.

Even if your ceiling has been painted before, it is recommended that you still apply a primer before repainting. A primer improves paint adhesion and allows paint to be absorbed more evenly, which helps prevent streaking. In fact, streaks are more quickly visible on ceilings due to floodlighting. By using a primer, you ensure a tighter and smoother end result.

Why are Shade primers tinted?

Primers are usually white or transparent, but Shade primers are all mixed in the same colour as the finishing paint. That has everything to do with our attention to quality! By starting with a coloured primer, you already apply a first layer of the right colour before attacking the finishing layers. That extra layer of colour provides even more depth and makes the end result exceptionally beautiful and durable.

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